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Professional Organizing and Productivity Consultants
for Your Office, Home Office and Technology Tools
  • enjoy peace of mind
  • freedom from clutter
  • reduce stress
  • live the luxury of being organized
  • more time for fun
  • enjoy peace of mind

ATTENTION: Small Businesses, Solopreneurs & Busy Professionals

  • Stop losing opportunities because you're disorganized!

  • Don't run your business on Chaos & Overwhelm!

  • If you can't find something in 30 seconds, you're wasting precious & valuable time!

"ORGANIZING YOUR VITAL DOCUMENTS - A step-by-step guide ..."
"INFORMATION OVERLOAD -  from Piles to Actions to Results"
"ORGANIZE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS - 70 Tips From A Collection Of Experts"
... plus Recorded Webinars, Resources and much more

How much is disorganization costing your business?
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Disorganization and Clutter Are Expensive

      There are many statistics describing the sacrifices and high costs associated with disorganization and clutter. It wastes valuable time, money, space, and energy, plus it causes unnecessary stress.  For the "organizationally-challenged," this important issue not only applies in the workplace and the use of computers, but also in personal lifestyles.

      How much money is this costing your company?  How much personal free time is it costing you?  Here are a few facts and figures: 

What Is Disorganization Costing You? read more


What does PARADISE mean to you?

~  Did You Know ~
You CAN create "paradise" from our Live Webinars & Recorded Webinars
for your workspace & digital world

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"For every minute spent in organizing,
an hour is earned."
-- Benjamin Franklin

"Being organized means being able to quickly find whatever you need whenever you need it!
It's not about being tidy.  Everything deserves a 'home'." 
-- Donna D. McMillan

      Today, becoming and staying organized are not a luxury, they're a necessity.  These hot topics appear frequently in books, magazines, newspapers and TV shows.  Unfortunately, from these sources, readers/viewers can not ask sensitive questions, discuss details about their specific situations or benefit from customized solutions.  Also, the impression is often given that it takes very little time, effort or resources to eliminate the problems and confusion. 

      In both offices and home offices, clutter and chaos happen for a reason, sometimes for several reasons.  Many people say they were never taught organizing skills. Our non-judgmental, experienced professionals focus on solving your organizing puzzles, recommend solutions and products, help you sort out the jumble, create personalized systems, and work side-by-side with you teaching you how to stay organized.

      An organized workspace increases concentration, effectiveness and productivity.  Organizing decreases wasted time, energy, space and money. It is possible to reduce the stress, chaos and clutter.

      Do you really want (or need) to get organized?  Would you like to be in control of your time, paperwork, information, space, computer & electronic information, and life?  Do you feel paralyzed? Are you committed to making a change?  Great ... you don't have to get organized alone! 

      When you need services for your business, home, car, health, financial or legal matters, you want to hire professionals who are experts in their industries.  It's best to choose those who specialize in the issues that are relevant to your unique needs and situation.  Choose pros who have multiple years of experience and a range of abilities.  Call us or click here to see if our services are a match for your needs.

Need help?  Read about ... Choosing The Right Professional Organizer


With new law, the Telework Enhancement Act, more government employees
will be working from their home offices and teleworking or telecommuting.
Workshifting Benefits: The Bottom Line
by (Kate Lister & Tom Harnish, 2010)


What does getting organized mean to you?
How would being more organized change your work &/or personal life?


  "Organizing is a 'process' ...  it's not a one-day project."©
We start where you are now ... and take you to a new level and beyond!


Enjoy peace of mind, have more time for fun, reduce stress, experience freedom from clutter.
You deserve an organized office, home office, computer and life!


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Thanks so much for getting me on the road to recovery.  After our session, I felt  rejuvenated ... and haven't forgotten anything you shared with me.  Becoming organized brings  excitement and hope.  The before and after pictures are amazing.

Because of your organizing, marketing and business skills as well as your knowledge, my business has grown as a direct result of improving my computer knowledge and skills.

Tommy Power
Body Art Fitness,

Professional Fitness Trainer
Making great progress ... really it is about acquiring new habits that will serve me well in the long run.  You are very good ... very diplomatic, and that made the information very accessible.

Interior Designer
In tackling my projects, you are thorough, diligent and creative.

Real Estate Executive
I was embarrassed to show you my mess, but you immediately set me at ease. Working with you was effortless ... you listened to my concerns and formulated a strategy. I actually had fun doing a job I had dreaded for months ... and was inspired to continue the process. I loved the way my office looked and was excited, knowing that I had a workable plan that would keep it that way.  What a relief it was!  A weight lifted off my shoulders and my mind cleared.

After I attended your e-Organized class, I got a Palm Pilot.  It changed my life!  I'm more organized, have more time, and even have my husband's calendar organized!  I had pondered the idea of a palm pilot for years. I could kick myself now that I didnít do it sooner.  Thank you for the confidence to break out of an old habit.

Misty Wheeler
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