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Solving The Organizing Puzzle NEW BOOK
How To Become & STAY Organized
Island Organizers' e-newsletter Organizing Today - Tips from the Pros

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Organizing Today - Tips from the Pros


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      Digital PDF $19.95

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What Information is "IMPORTANT"
What IF ...?
Sort & Separate
Create "Homes" For Information
Turn Paper Into Digital
Share Your Vital Information
What Do You Share?
Options For Sharing
Digital vs. Paper Storage
Cloud-based Storage
Maintain Your Documents
Updating Your Documents
What's YOUR Next Step?


A step-by-step guide to organize
your important information

Karen L. Simon and
Donna D. McMillan


INFORMATION OVERLOAD - from Piles to Actions to Results  copyright © 2011
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What Is Information
The Piles
Making Decisions
From Piles To Action
Hot Action Files
Taking Action
Keep Or Toss?
Everything Deserves A Home
What's YOUR Next Action?

from Piles to Actions to Results

Donna D. McMillan
and Karen L. Simon


Organize Your Small Business - 70 Tips From A Collection Of Experts  copyright © 2011


Flexing With Life
Effective Efficiency
Effective Results
Streamline Your Business
Think Financially Viable
Manage Papers Effortlessly
File For Life
Easy Information Management
All Systems Go
Planning Works
A Happy Workplace
Sensible Space
Getting "E-Organized"
Do It Now!

70 Tips From A Collection Of Experts

Donna D. McMillan
and Karen L. Simon



PRODUCTS  - RECORDED WEBINARS & TELECLASSES                            

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These webinars and teleclasses are designed to help you take ACTION STEPS and form new habits to FINALLY get organized! Great for do-it-yourself-ers too!

Jump Start Your Organizing Project

Getting started is the hardest part! Procrastination is a leading cause of disorganization.

Chaos is overwhelming and costly, financially and emotionally.  Clutter creates confusion; systems and uniformity create calm.  Learn details behind our "5 Action Steps" to get started, proceed & complete your organizing project. Finally get organized!

Includes: handout, worksheet, supplies list

See Prices & Order Form

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eMail eFFiciency

Struggling to get through your In-box everyday? Can't seem to get it organized so you can function efficiently? THIS is the one-hour webinar for YOU! Learn tips & tricks to organize your email so you can get things done. 

Includes: handout

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Organize Your Vital Documents

When an emergency or disaster happened, what did you say you WISH you had or did? This LIVE, one-hour webinar guides you  step-by-step to gather vitaI documents, create an organized "home" for important information and share with your Very Important People. Prepare for any crisis. 

Organize Your Vital Docs Kit:
     * Recorded Webinar
     * Worksheets

See Prices & Order Form - Kit

Organize Your Vital Documents Package:
     * Recorded Webinar
     * Guidebook
     * Worksheets
     * Resources List

NPM: Disaster Planning For Business

How will YOU stay in business when disaster strikes? Island Organizers provides businesses with help as they prepare their Emergency & Business Continuity Plans.

Disaster Preparedness Package 
    *  4 @ 1 hour coaching sessions
     *  Worksheets: e.g., Risk Identification, Continuity Plan
     *  Island Organizers' Vital Docs Webinar & Guidebook
     *  One-year subscription to Safely Filed 

See Prices & Order Form - Package

Do-It Yourself Kit 
Includes: Webinar, Resources, Continuity Worksheets 

See Prices & Order Form - DIY Kit

NPM: Your Disaster Plan is Not Just  A Kit TELECLASS RECORDING:
NPM: Your Disaster Plan is Not Just  A Kit

People usually think that being prepared means just having an emergency kit, but THE PLAN is just as important, if not more so. This teleclass helps you create/review your Disaster Plan. You'll learn:
    *  What is my "Ready Zone"?
     *  What goes into my "Go Bag"?
     *  How to make a "Grab & Go List" 

Includes: Recording, Handouts, Plan Worksheets, Kits' Quiz, Emergency Cards

See Prices & Order Form

"This is exactly the boost I need to continue my own personal & business disaster planning ... so I can be more ready & useful to my clients during emergencies." -- MER

New Skills for Managing Digital Files TELECLASS RECORDING:
New Skills for Managing Digital Files

Lost in the sea of your digital files? Things constantly change in the digital world. Learn the NEW skills you need to create a system for you to quickly wade thru today's waves of digital info!

Includes: handout

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Ask The Organizers: Home & Family

So Many Questions!  Get Your Answers Here!


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PRODUCTS  -  OTHER                                                                                              

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Safely Filed is the perfect place for you to organize all your important documents online — safely, securely, and simply. 

Safely Filed takes all of the worry out of storing, finding, and sharing important life documents. Use our Discount Code for a savings when you sign up! 

Vital Documents Package also available.  Take the pain out of gathering & organizing your Vital Documents. Learn how to setup & use SafelyFiled for your valuable information. 

Select Your Vital Documents Services Package

Fujitsu ScanSnap
Small Business & Personal Scanner Services
Get a new scanner AND get help with guided installation so you can begin to scan right away! Our Scanner Solutions Services include: 
  • Order & delivery of scanner to your doorstep

  • Personal coaching and setup of your new scanner

  • Guided assistance with software so you're able to scan, organize and find your documents as soon as we're done!

Where else can you go to get this personalized service? If you're ready to start, complete the order form below and you're on your way to going paper-less! Have a question or want scanner-only pricing? Contact Us.

Ideas for using ScanSnap to go paperless 

ScanSnap Scanner & Service Packages

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Discount Code
HomeZada is for Home Management and Inventory 

A complete Home Inventory & Management tool available. Comes with templates so you can manage all aspects of home maintenance & ownership. Protect one of your most valuable assets - your home!  
Use our Coupon Discount Code for savings when you purchase.



OrganizedAtoZ.com - IslandOrganizers.com

Shop for helpful organizing products and order online

Our mission at Organized A to Z.com is to provide you with the most useful, practical, and attractive organizational solutions on the market today that will save you time and money. It's a place to shop for organizational products that you know are 100% endorsed and used by the professionals. Order here

NEET Cable Keeper: More Than a Cable Organizer

Untangle cluttered cables in your bag, around the house and office. This simple-to-use cable management tool available in a variety of fun colors to match any style and décor. Created to Organize, Protect, Identify and More. 


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Solving The Organizing Puzzle, Donna D. McMillan & Karen L. Simon

Organizing for the Creative Person, Dorothy Lehmkuhl & Dolores Cotter Lamping

Getting Organized, Stephanie Winston

The Organized Executive, Stephanie Winston

Making Time Work For You, Harold L. Taylor

It's About Time, Dr. Linda Sapadin

Flawless Consulting, Peter Block

The Organized Student, Donna Goldberg

Organizing from the Inside Out
, Julie Morgenstern

Taming the Paper Tiger,
Barbara Hemphill

Conquering Chronic Disorganization; Judith Kolberg

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, Judith Kolberg, Kathleen Nadeau

Driven To Distraction : Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood, Edward M. Hallowell, John J. Ratey

Organizing Plain and Simple, Donna Smallin

Million Dollar Consulting, Alan Weiss

Celebrate Selling the Consultative-Relationship Way, Aldonna R. Ambler & others

The Wealthy Spirit, Chellie Campbell

Organize Your Garage In No Time, Barry Izsak

Organize Your Work Day In No Time, K.J. McCorry

Organize Your Family's Schedule In No Time, Valentina Sgro

Organize Your Home In No Time, Debbie Stanley

Organize Your Personal Finances In No Time, Debbie Stanley

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OPRAH - Inside the Lives of Hoarders with Peter Walsh  

Peter Walsh recommended that viewers hire a Professional Organizer and mentioned the National Association of Professional Organizers.  He is the author of How to Organize Just About Everything and It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff   





Real Simple Magazine -- www.realsimple.com 
ADDitude Magazine -- www.additudemag.com 




eWaste Recycling Drop-Off Zone

      Honolulu, Hawaii -- solid waste

      Los Angeles, California -- solid resources safe centers

Don't Throw Out Your Old Computer—Recycle It!

t's time to think about what you can do to help the environment. People are talking more and more about e-waste—old or broken electronic equipment—and the hazards it can pose to our great outdoors. 
© Trend Micro Incorporated. All rights reserved. www.trendmicro.com


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Three Rules of Work:
Out of clutter find simplicity; 
From discord find harmony;
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
--Albert Einstein


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You don't have to get organized alone!
If you can't find something in 30 seconds, it's in the wrong place! Everything deserves a 'home.'  And, you deserve an organized office, home and lifestyle.
- Donna D. McMillan
Computers are like cars.  Money can buy them, but you must learn to 'drive' them! 
- Karen Simon
We'll help you solve the puzzle.  The only piece that's missing is you! 
- Donna D. McMillan
We don't work with just computers all day. We work with the people who use them! 
- Karen Simon
Life is hectic, so being organized is a necessity, not a luxury!
- Donna D. McMillan
Why have a computer when you can't use it the way you need to? We help you make your computer work for you!
 - Karen Simon
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