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 McMillan & Company Professional Organizing

Individuals at their jobs
Small-business owners and staff
Home-office-based businesses
Individuals at home

 McMillan & Company Professional Organizing

You don't have to get organized alone!


For Businesses & Home Offices


  • Consulting - on-site or phone/email
    needs assessment, project plan, priorities, procedures, recommendations for appropriate organizing "tools" including computer equipment and software

  • Organizing Sessions - on-site, total time varies based on project
    needs assessment, project plan, priorities, recommendations, physical help, techniques training, management of paper, information, space, time, storage, filing systems, clutter control, paper/work flow

  • Electronic Organizing & Productivity Training - on-site or phone/email
    needs assessment, workflow, procedures, information management, recommendations for electronic devices and software. Individual or group sessions, tutoring, employee training

  • Virtual Organizing/Phone Coaching - 1/2-hour sessions available, 2-hour minimum  
    on-going support for management of time, paperwork, information & space organizing techniques, computer technical support, trouble-shooting, How-To's by phone   read more

  • Vital Documents Services  
    For Individuals and for Do-It-Yourselfers, learn how to gather, organize & share your most critical information using SafelyFiled.com.   read more

  • Coaching/Training for Professional Organizers - 1/2-hr sessions, 2-hour minimum
    business skills for POs by phone 

Contact Us for Details &/or Appointment

For Corporations, Associations & Organizations

various organizing topics including time, data and paper management 

  • SEMINARS - a form of academic instruction offered to small groups focusing on a particular subject.

  • WORKSHOPS - training session which emphasizes problem-solving, hands-on training and requires the involvement of participants. 

  • WEBINARS - short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar transmitted over the Web.

For General Public, Retail Businesses, Companies, Associations & Organizations

  • Meetings & Events

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Demonstrations

  • Panel of Experts


Business Office & Home Office
  •  Office-Commercial
  •  Office-Home
  •  Filing Systems
  •  Paperwork Management
  •  Document Management
  •  Time Management
  •  Space Management
  •  Electronic Tools
  •  Technology & Workflow Consulting
  •  Software Selection & Training
  •  Data Storage/Retrieval/Security
Speaking & Training
  • Author/Writer
  • National Travel
  • Relocation Consultation
Paper Management Information Management Time Management
Clutter Control Space Planning Storage Usage
Techniques Training Records Archival and more

Need a speaker for your next meeting or event?
 Contact the Organizing Experts ~ Donna D. McMillan and Karen Simon


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