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Learn techniques to take control of Paperwork & Digital Clutter
Become More Productive, Efficient & Effective

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Vital Documents - Important Info   eMail eFFiciency

Vital Documents GuidebookOrganizing Your Vital Documents

A step-by-step guide to
organize your important information

For America's Prepare-A-Thon, you'll be guided through the steps to gather your vital documents, turn them into digital versions and share them with the Very Important People in your life. 
Includes NEWLY-published


End EMail Agony!

Overwhelmed by your InBox? Losing opportunities by not responding in time? Set up a system to sort email so you can quickly get to the ones that count! What you'll learn:

> How to group emails by Action
> Keep or Toss?
> Filing the "keepers"
> Handling multiple email accounts

My Office Needs A Makeover!


New Skills for Managing Digital Files

Is your desk piled high with papers & projects?

Feeling frustrated because you canít find what you need when you need it?  Having trouble keeping up with incoming mail?  Find out how to turn your desks into workspaces and To-Doís to Done!


Lost in the sea of your digital files?


Learn the "Secrets" nobody teaches and nobody knows. There are new skills, built-ins and more that you can be using immediately.  Learn how too create a system for you to maintain today's waves of digital info. 

It's Too Much! Information Overload   Jump Start Your Organizing Project

Information OverloadLearn about the tools and how-to's
to go from
Piles to Actions to Results

Information rushes at us daily in different ways: verbal, paper and electronic.  This session walks you though the steps to create Hot Action Files for your paperwork and email to help you to prioritize and complete tasks in a timely manner. 
Free copy of Information Overload Booklet included.


Getting started is the hardest part!

Procrastination is a leading cause of disorganization. Chaos is overwhelming and costly, financially and emotionally.  Clutter creates confusion; systems and uniformity create calm.  Learn details behind our "5 Action Steps" to get started, proceed & complete your organizing project.

Get Your Business e-Organized   e-Devices That Keep You Organized

Are your computers helping your business
 to be organized?

How do you manage customer information?  Is there a system for managing documents and accounting info that keeps it at your fingertips?  Find out how to ensure that your computers are effectively working for you.


Solutions that help while you're on the go!

We're always on the go! Are you armed with the tools to help you communicate, stay connected and bring your office with you?
> What info must be mobile today?
> Learn how you can stay organized even when on the road.
> The devices & apps that allow you to manage it all.

Beyond Profit & Loss   Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Perspectives of Your Financial Picture:
Finding Trends and Options

How do you monitor your business? Learn ways your computer helps to organize info so you can "take the temperature of your business." Make your business grow and thrive when wearing the various "hats" of a business owner. Includes handouts.


"Getting new customers costs five to ten times
the amount of retaining existing ones ..."

Busy businesses need simple ways to keep customers coming back. Learn quick and efficient ways the computer can help to organize clients and prospects, implement marketing campaigns and stay in touch with ALL of your business' contacts.

Ask The Organizers   Clearing The Clutter

So Many Questions!  Get Your Answers Here!

What's making you the craziest?  

Submit your office organizing questions prior to this session.  Hear the answers live from experienced Professional Organizers.  We'll review the most popular challenges.

  Take Charge and Conquer That Clutter!

The process of clearing out clutter and organizing what's left is overwhelming. Knowing what to keep or toss, finding efficient storage solutions and ways to keep clutter at bay frees up your space AND time! 

Disaster Preparedness
for Businesses

Disaster Happens But Business Must Go On

How prepared are you and your staff when "something" happens? How do you identify your business' unique risks and hazards? Do you have a Plan B or C?

This webinar helps you answers these questions and shares the steps to create a continuity plan. Learn the Five Steps of Disaster Planning. Bring your "key" employees. Share with other small biz owners. Take action today to protect YOUR business!


  "An investment in education always pays the highest returns." --Ben Franklin

Custom Presentations, Seminars, Workshops For Your Group

 Contact Us to Schedule Training or Speaking Sessions 
Titles listed below are suggestions. Topics are tailored to your organization's specific needs. 
Harness the Power of Networking   E-mail E-fficiency

Build Your Business Brick By Brick Series

Strategic Alliances create added-value for your business.  Finding all the clients you want? When a client asks you for a service that you donít provide, can you refer them to a trusted associate?


You've Got (Too Much) Mail

One of today's main methods of communication is email. Managing it can be challenging and time-consuming. Learn techniques to handle email efficiently.  Learn how to go from a massive Inbox & turn email messages into To-Do's.

Harness the Power of Experience   Piles To Files

Build Your Business Brick By Brick Series

Learn the SECRETS of an experienced solopreneur.  Benefit from hundreds of dollars worth of time-saving and money-making information!  Get answers to:

> How will I find clients and promote my services?
> What mistakes have other solopreneurs made?
> How should I run my company if I never owned a business before?
> Why do I need to know various solutions for clients' situations? 


End The "Puppy Dog" Method Of Retrieval

Tired of wasting valuable time dig-dig-digging through piles of paperwork to find what you need? 

Learn how to transform those piles into an easy-to-use, "personalized" filing system. Your business and personal records will have a "home" and you'll find what you need in 30 seconds or less! What will you do now with more free time?

Harness the Power of Marketing   Organizing Your Next Move

Build Your Business Brick By Brick Series

Build a Buzz About Your Business -
Generate Media Coverage/Publicity

> Why Send Press Releases?
> What Is Your News Hook?
> Who Is Your Target?
> Free Press Release Services


Need Relocation Relief

Moving involves countless details; the sheer number of tasks can sometimes be overwhelming.  Whether it's for your business office or home, learn strategies and tips to prepare for and make your next move less stressful.



Paper Management Information Management Time Management
Clutter Control Space Planning Storage Usage
Techniques Training Records Archival and more


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