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It's more than just the knowledge about technology, it's the skill to teach it.

Fresh Harvest Organics
I thought I was pretty efficient and well-organized, but the skills I learned from you are most-useful and beneficial and I constantly use them. I think of you each time I organize.

Certified Document Examiner
Thanks so much for getting me on the road to recovery.  After our session, I felt rejuvenated ... and haven't forgotten anything you shared with me.  Becoming organized brings excitement and hope.  The before and after pictures are amazing.

I hired you to do what you do best so I would have time to do what I do best.

Career Consultant
Because of your organizing, marketing and business skills as well as your knowledge, my business has grown as a direct result of improving my computer knowledge and skills.

Tommy Power
Body Art Fitness,
Professional Fitness Trainer
If anyone who's wondering about hiring a professional organizer has ANY doubts as to whether it's a good idea, doubt no further. I am 200% better off. 

PR Expert

Making great progress ... really it is about acquiring new habits that will serve me well in the long run.  You are very good ... very diplomatic, and that made the information very accessible.

Interior Designer

Thanks for lots and lots of valuable information!

Glorya Schklair
Professional Organizer
In tackling my projects, you are thorough, diligent and creative.

Real Estate Executive
Wow!  I would never have believed that we could transform that room into a viable office in one day. Very good value.

Home Owner
I was embarrassed to show you my mess, but you immediately set me at ease. Working with you was effortless ... you listened to my concerns and formulated a strategy. I actually had fun doing a job I had dreaded for months ... and was inspired to continue the process. I loved the way my office looked and was excited, knowing that I had a workable plan that would keep it that way.  What a relief it was!  A weight lifted off my shoulders and my mind cleared.

After I attended your e-Organized class, I got a Palm Pilot.  It changed my life!  I'm more organized, have more time, and even have my husband's calendar organized!  I had pondered the idea of a palm pilot for years. I could kick myself now that I didnít do it sooner.  Thank you for the confidence to break out of an old habit.

Misty Wheeler 
With business savvy and technical skills, you ensure that clients MAXIMIZE their business skills as well.

Carmen Korey
Commercial Real Estate
I recommend using your  professional organizing services to everyone who needs help!  I feel great now!

Business Owner
It's an honor to do business with a professional of such high caliber.

I'm so glad we found you!

Shannon Hart
non-profit organization
It was a GREAT investment.  I really appreciated this special time dedicated to me.  You are worth every penny. Thanks!  

Business Owner
Utilizing your services was the best gift I've ever treated myself to! Thank you (and your staff) again.

Sales Manager
Thank you so much for helping me get organized! The things you made me aware of are pure gold.  You can count me in among your fans!!

Collector & Business Owner
Thank you for helping with my computer backup system! I felt so calm and comfortable - you inspire great confidence with your knowledge and professional manner."

Chellie Campbell
Professional Speaker, Author
PC Tech Associates designed a support system & network for my risk management department. I found them to have excellent technical knowledge and ability to analyze our needs.

Corporate Executive
Many thanks, Donna!  I'm still excited over the progress we made in my office determining where the stuff should go and the tips you've given me!

I've been so happy since our session and [excited] to get all the other areas of my life organized.

What surprises me the most is that I've been  ENERGIZED by our session, as we talked about possible root causes of disorganization.  I can hardly wait for our next session !

Gratefully, NB

After I read your January e-news message, I printed & taped it on my desk for inspiration. It seems to have really worked! I am clearing, tossing, purging, donating things ... finally getting it together and tossing it out! Thanks! -- DH


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